When I originally started down this road of enhancing my deck I had little or no idea of what I wanted. I had several other contractors discuss their ideas and costs with me. I was rather disappointed and discouraged with the lack of originality and limited choice of resources. However, once I had my first interview with David Thompson of Winds Of Change Contracting, I knew I had a winner. I was immediately impressed with his vision, imagination and knowledge of available resources.

He presented an impressive portfolio of previous projects ,and had a good idea of a timeline to completion, Dave suggested a tropical hardwood, Pau Lope, for use due to its extreme weather resistance. I was quickly sold.
Construction started on time after timely approval by the city engineers. His team was very sensitive to my neighbors concerns on trash and noise. True to his contract he stuck very close to his timeline and all unforeseen problems were discussed with me. I was very impressed with his clean workmanship, his attention to detail was far above what I had come to expect from previous contractors. All inspections with the city passed on the first visit. The project was completed on schedule and the final cost was exactly what was agreed upon.
Dave did an excellent job, he is a true artist with wood, he left the yard in very clean condition, and the final product was an excellent addition to my house, and the Pau Lope is just beautiful. It was a real pleasure to work with someone of his skill.