I wanted to take some time to thank you for your efforts in completing two major projects; our new deck and bathroom renovation. When we bought our home in 2002, we had the “standard” contractor build on our deck, and we decided to finish the basement bathroom ourselves. Over the past 15 years, the deck naturally degraded to a point where we needed to either extensively repair or replace the entire deck. The bathroom, while functional and safe, was in desperate need of modernization. We decided to completely replace the deck and “start over” on both the deck and the bathroom with significantly upgraded features on both projects.

During our initial measure and bid meeting for both projects, we laid out our vision, and you asked very insightful questions, many of which we had not even considered. In our subsequent meetings, you completely captured our vision and transformed them into engineering drawings that easily showed us how you planned to make our deck a new living space, and our bathroom become much more functional and modern. For both efforts, you laid out a very detailed plan, cost estimate, options available, and timelines to complete. Everything you provided was just an example of the quality of work you would do for us in the weeks to come.

When we began each project, you kept us informed every step of the way. If there were any delays (of which there were very few), either due to weather, supplier back order, etc… you kept us informed as soon as you found out. You always gave us options when we needed to adjust the schedule.

In watching the old deck being removed and the new frame, cover and decking being installed, and our old bathroom disappear and the new one emerge, I was impressed at the level of professionalism, quality of work, and work ethic by both you and your team. Not only did your team exceed my expectations, they also took the time to answer any questions we may have had during the entire process. Your personal attention to detail was impressive; while the big phases were clearly done with expertise, watching you obsess of the small details was reassuring. You made sure that you “got it right” and we were completely satisfied.

Not only do I wholeheartedly, and without any reservation whatsoever, recommend you to anyone looking for a rebuild or remodel, we look forward to working with you on several more home improvement projects as well. Thank you again!