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David B. Thompson


As President of Winds of Change, David brings forth a unique perspective to the remodeling world. As the 2020 and the 2021 Chairman of the Remodeler’s Council and Board member of the Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs, he understands the various nuances and challenges that face remodelers today. He is a champion for homeowners and contractors, and knows how to carefully balance the needs of both.

He loves construction and always had a dream of building his own company. Since 2001, after serving a distinguished career in the military, he launched Winds of Change Remodeling and has been building beautiful projects for his clients in Colorado Springs ever since.

David has invested heavily in his education to learn everything possible about design, engineering, architecture, framing, general construction, and master carpentry skills.

David is a perfectionist by nature, and he models that behavior to his entire team.

Anyone who wants only the best will quickly realize why David Thompson and his Winds of Change Remodeling firm stand out above the rest.


Estimator & Project Manager

Before, during, and after a distinguished military career serving in the US Army Rangers, Brett has refined his skills, education, and practical knowledge as a professional in the construction industry. Some say, “The Devil is in the details.” While the average person may see a beautiful home, Brett sees thousands of individual pieces that make up hundreds of components that comprise the sixteen primary divisions of construction, assembled by individuals & teams of craftsmen. Any great endeavor begins at its most basic condition & builds to become a unique sum of its parts. That is how Brett sees everything.


Business Development & Marketing Director

Robert is the key to the creative and unique ideas for the expansion and growth of the company. He is responsible for the overall operational management and financial growth of all business metrics, advertising, marketing and promotional activities. He also serves as an advisor.


Comptroller and Bookkeeper

Nicole prides herself in providing a complete weekly, monthly and annual holistic financial view of the results of the company. She performs all functions in regards to financial reporting, job costing, accounting, PEO, bookkeeping, interfacing with the CPA and all banking relationships.


Website and Internet Manager

Matt loves the constant challenge and growth opportunities that arise from asking, “How can I bring the most value to this person in front of me?“ There are a million ways he can help your business grow, and in today’s world it almost always involves a website.


Director of Client Experiences and Events

Nothing can be more informative or equally mundane as social media. Michaela, with her undying sense of humor, manages all outbound and unique messaging for all social media platforms. Her main responsibility is ensuring current events and happenings are shared for all to see.


Chief Dog Officer

As our CDO, Toby makes sure that everyone stays in line. His primary job function is to bring happiness and joy to everyone in the company. 

Field Operations



Patrick is probably the most energetic team member with an enthusiasm of going to Disneyland. He brings that level of energy everyday along with his newfound love of carpentry that enhances every project.


Site Maintenance Manager

It’s been said that when the circus comes to town, someone has to follow behind and clean up after the elephants. Candi has that golden touch that when all the “circus animals” have left the project, using her magic, leaves every project absolutely stunning which enhances each and every home.   


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WINDS OF CHANGE has been transforming homes like yours in Colorado Springs for the past 20+ years. During that time, we have built a solid reputation as a leading residential remodeling company that is known only for providing exceptional craftsmanship and quality projects.

Creating the vision of your dream kitchen, that perfect bathroom or a full home remodel is always at the forefront and focus of our work. We strive to help you achieve the exact look and feel you want with all your living spaces.