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Winds of Change knows how to achieve your dream vision of a new home, from multi-room projects to complex structural modeling.

Many homes built 20+ years ago are in need of more than just a simple fresh coat of paint or a few windows and doors replaced.

At Winds of Change we realize that remodeling your entire home is paramount and just as important as if you were building a new one. In fact, our approach is integrated and will provide you with all the necessary requirements you will need to ensure nothing goes unturned.

Homes are constructed with a multitude of various elements from design, colors, materials, heating, cooling, lights, and a myriad of others elements to work together in concert. To remodel your entire home is something that takes a specialist. Everything is integrated and we as a premier remodeling company understand and have over 20 years of experience in being able to bring forth that complete project for you.

For example: if you want to add an island in your new remodeled kitchen, you may need to move a wall, which impacts the floor and ceiling, which likely changes your heating and cooling and certainly will change your electrical requirements. These and so much more are so very important in knowing how each of these elements in your home functions. This can only be achieved by having years of experience in the trades.

Mechanical, structural, and finishing requirements are key factors in creating your new design for a successful complete home remodel. Every floor, wall, ceiling and everything in between are carefully assessed to determine how they will perform at the end of the project.

Our special tools such as 3-D design, 2-D design, project management software, are all used with our complex projects to ensure a smooth process and in the end will reveal a beautiful new remodeled home.

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Our exclusive Prestige Advantage Design Build Process means that you can relax while your home is being renovated with the assurance that you can stay focused on the outcome for the best experience with a residential renovation contractor.

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