From Messy to Dressy

We realize that when you decide to engage in a major remodeling for your home whether it be a kitchen, bath, lower living area or even an entire home, it can get really messy…and fast! Drywall dust, radial saws, hauling major appliances and so much more all contribute to the problem. 

Winds of Change Remodeling goes the extra mile to ensure your home is fully protected and always clean during the entire process. We take pride in our workmanship and you can feel confident that we will take all the necessary steps to care for your home as if it were our own. We always incorporate high-end protection methods during a home remodeling project to fully protect your existing home. Here are some advanced protection methods that we employ to ensure your home stays “dent and scratch” free during a major remodel by us:

  1. Floor Protection:

  • We utilize surface protection products specifically designed for high-end surfaces, such as hardwood, marble, or polished stone.
  • We use high tech corrugated reusable floor protection sheets that are non-slip, waterproof, and highly durable.
  • Depending on the situation, we often employ advanced temporary flooring systems like interlocking floor tiles made of impact-resistant materials.

  1. Wall Protection:

  • We often install temporary, reusable wall protection panels made of materials with impact-resistant polymers.
  • Use corner guards to prevent damage to wall corners from equipment or tools.
  • Wrap door jambs with a dense pre-formed high-tech cardboard to prevent damage from materials and tools when passing through.

  1. Dust Control:

  • We implement advanced dust containment systems such as negative air machines with HEPA filters to effectively capture and filter airborne particles. This also includes sealing off all cold air returns in the work area to prevent any drywall dust from migrating out of the area. 
  • Use state-of-the-art dust barriers that create airtight seals with magnet doors to prevent dust migration to other areas of the home. 
  • We incorporate clear polycarbonate panels with aluminum frames to ensure the area is truly sealed. This is the same that is used in hospitals and senior centers when they are remodeling.

  1. Protection for Wood Floors:

  • We install dense roll-out cardboard with corrugated plastic sheeting to protect against impacts, spills, and materials getting underneath that could scratch your floors
  • Use customized, precision-cut floor protection mats or runners that perfectly fit the dimensions of the wood floor, offering enhanced protection against scratches and spills.
  • We will sweep, vacuum, and damp-mop at the end of each day, when required, of the protected surfaces.

  1. Stair Protection:

  • We install temporary non-slip stair covers, made of premium materials such as impact-resistant rubber or reinforced corrugated plastics, which offer exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear, to provide maximum protection for your stairs.
  • Install impact resistant corrugated plastic along handrails, newel posts and balusters; to protect against damage from carrying tools and materials along the stairs.
  • Wrap railings with packing foam sheets that allow you to grab the rails as you ascend or descend and protects it from impact.

Implementing these advanced protection methods assists Winds of Change Remodeling to preserve the integrity and beauty of high-end surfaces throughout the remodeling project. In addition, we always clean up every day, our tools are put away and you can be sure that the entire work area is free of any debris. You may be asking yourself, why should this be important to me? It’s simple! We value pride and fine workmanship as a core value at Winds of Change Remodeling and we would hope that value reflects in everything we do, including keeping the entire project site pristine and clean. As a result, you end up with more than an amazing new area of your home…you will have experienced the Winds of Change Remodeling difference. 

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