In today’s busy world of distractions with work, soccer games, Girl Scouts, the movies, running from here to there, we all want to make sure we make the right decision when hiring someone for that new kitchen, deck, floor, bathroom, or any project in your home.

Chris and Sue Ray

Evaluating and choosing a contractor for an extensive home renovation project is a daunting task every homeowner should take seriously and with due diligence. We did the usual research like checking references, insurance, meeting with prior clients, and inspecting prior projects. We were also intrigued by a series of articles about the Design Build project management process written by David and published in a local neighborhood newsletter. We shared those articles with our nephew, an architect in another state, and he enthusiastically endorsed David’s Design Build process.

After meeting with David to review our vision and the initial architectural plans drawn by our nephew, we were confident David had the knowledge and experience to transform our vision into a successful project. We knew our project would present some challenges due to some pre-existing structural constraints. David and his team of subcontractors resolved each challenge without major delays or changes to the design. Our design was complex and involved removing one major wall and extending two other walls. David led an amazing team of subcontractors and dedicated employees who remodeled the bathroom, added a media room, new wet bar with an island, new flooring, several new doors, a new power panel, plus a new fireplace.

David’s team included some of the most skilled craftsmen in HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, tile and masonry, electrical, drywall and painting. All regional building code inspections were completed effortlessly and the inspectors often commented on the
quality of the work performed.

Fresh paint, recessed lighting, and under-cabinet lighting provided the finishing touches to an excellent project. We are exceptionally pleased with the final results which far exceeds our expectations.

David’s professionalism and leadership were key to successful and timely completion of our project. David maintained constant communication with us and kept us informed when key deliveries or subcontractor activities were scheduled. We look forward to working with David on another remodeling project in the future.