In today’s busy world of distractions with work, soccer games, Girl Scouts, the movies, running from here to there, we all want to make sure we make the right decision when hiring someone for that new kitchen, deck, floor, bathroom, or any project in your home.

Chris and Sue Ray

Evaluating and choosing a contractor for an extensive home renovation project is a
daunting task every homeowner should take seriously and with due diligence. We did
the usual research like checking references, insurance, meeting with prior clients, and
inspecting prior projects. We were also intrigued by a series of articles about the
Design Build project management process written by David and published in a local
neighborhood newsletter. We shared those articles with our nephew, an architect in
another state, and he enthusiastically endorsed David’s Design Build process.

After meeting with David to review our vision and the initial architectural plans drawn by
our nephew, we were confident David had the knowledge and experience to transform
our vision into a successful project. We knew our project would present some
challenges due to some pre-existing structural constraints. David and his team of
subcontractors resolved each challenge without major delays or changes to the design.
Our design was complex and involved removing one major wall and extending two other
walls. David led an amazing team of subcontractors and dedicated employees who
remodeled the bathroom, added a media room, new wet bar with an island, new
flooring, several new doors, a new power panel, plus a new fireplace.

David’s team included some of the most skilled craftsmen in HVAC, plumbing,
carpentry, tile and masonry, electrical, drywall and painting. All regional building code
inspections were completed effortlessly and the inspectors often commented on the
quality of the work performed.

Fresh paint, recessed lighting, and under-cabinet lighting provided the finishing touches
to an excellent project. We are exceptionally pleased with the final results which far
exceeds our expectations.

David’s professionalism and leadership were key to successful and timely completion of
our project. David maintained constant communication with us and kept us informed
when key deliveries or subcontractor activities were scheduled. We look forward to
working with David on another remodeling project in the future.

Tom and Mariann Dowd

We would like to thank the entire Winds of Change Team for making our first major home renovation an experience that exceeded our expectations. We have to admit, when we first decided to take on this project, we didn’t know what to expect or how to get started. Meeting Dave at a home show and attending his seminar gave us much to consider and we knew then that Winds of Change was the one for us.

From the initial consultation to the end of the renovation, Dave and his team always kept us informed of what was next and what to expect with each phase of the project. We were provided a schedule of all projects so that planning our day and the weeks ahead was easy and Dave ensured that the renovation stayed on track. Either Dave or his Project Manager, Dave Greene were on site just about every day to ensure all went according to plan. If something couldn’t be done, Dave and his team found a way to make it happen, often before we even knew there was a problem.

The sub-contractors were amazing; all professional and answered every question we asked. They took pride in their work paying attention to the smallest detail. They were on time and at the end of the day they cleaned up and removed all the debris a renovation can create. Each contractor brought their unique talent, creating a kitchen that exceeded our expectations; it’s absolutely beautiful and we enjoy every square inch.

We definitely recommend Winds of Change and would use them again. They provided a truly positive renovation experience and a fantastic kitchen that we will enjoy for the years to come.
Thank you, again and best wishes for a very successful 2020.

Jeffrey Leeder

I wanted to take some time to thank you for your efforts in completing two major projects; our new deck and bathroom renovation. When we bought our home in 2002, we had the “standard” contractor build on our deck, and we decided to finish the basement bathroom ourselves. Over the past 15 years, the deck naturally degraded to a point where we needed to either extensively repair or replace the entire deck. The bathroom, while functional and safe, was in desperate need of modernization. We decided to completely replace the deck and “start over” on both the deck and the bathroom with significantly upgraded features on both projects.

During our initial measure and bid meeting for both projects, we laid out our vision, and you asked very insightful questions, many of which we had not even considered. In our subsequent meetings, you completely captured our vision and transformed them into engineering drawings that easily showed us how you planned to make our deck a new living space, and our bathroom become much more functional and modern. For both efforts, you laid out a very detailed plan, cost estimate, options available, and timelines to complete. Everything you provided was just an example of the quality of work you would do for us in the weeks to come.

When we began each project, you kept us informed every step of the way. If there were any delays (of which there were very few), either due to weather, supplier back order, etc… you kept us informed as soon as you found out. You always gave us options when we needed to adjust the schedule.

In watching the old deck being removed and the new frame, cover and decking being installed, and our old bathroom disappear and the new one emerge, I was impressed at the level of professionalism, quality of work, and work ethic by both you and your team. Not only did your team exceed my expectations, they also took the time to answer any questions we may have had during the entire process. Your personal attention to detail was impressive; while the big phases were clearly done with expertise, watching you obsess of the small details was reassuring. You made sure that you “got it right” and we were completely satisfied.

Not only do I wholeheartedly, and without any reservation whatsoever, recommend you to anyone looking for a rebuild or remodel, we look forward to working with you on several more home improvement projects as well. Thank you again!

Jeremy Kipp

When I asked David Thompson for references, I expected a list of addresses and a few pictures just like the other contractors. Instead, he provided several compelling and detailed letters written by local homeowners. Writing such a testimonial takes time. It’s more than a simple thank you and clicking stars on Google. To me, it is a sign of a healthy relationship with the customer and their honest appreciation for his good work. It was one of the reasons I selected him. While reading them, I wondered if I would feel the same way when David finished my project. Well, you’re reading this, so you know the answer.

My kitchen remodel was not simple. It was an old house. The task was to transform a 1970’s basic kitchen into something modern, beautiful, and unique. Walls, plumbing, HVAC, and gas lines all needed to be relocated. Electrical needed to be rerouted and brought to code. An experienced hand was required. This happened to be what David specialized in.

I was impressed with the organization and communication he brought to the project. From the start, his methodical and clear presentation of the project plan gave me confidence I had chosen well. Throughout the effort, David was responsive and quick to recommend solutions to the challenges that arise in any remodel of this complexity. In the end, he completed the project on time and under budget.

If you are reading this, I assume you are trying to select someone to solve your remodeling challenge. The trick is to find someone with three qualities: the experience to solve the problem, the integrity to provide an accurate bid, and the agility to adapt to unexpected challenges. I hope in reading this, you see David has all three. I recommend David for any complicated kitchen remodeling project.

Ed and Carolyn Draney

Each time, morning, day and night, we comment how much the change to our master bath means to us. We enjoy it immensely. We are so appreciative of the heated floor system, the new vanity, frameless shower, and how the room seems to be much larger with the stand-alone tub and space around it. Thank you for making it so complete and usable.

We were both impressed with your willingness to help us understand all aspects of the project. You were very conscientious and transparent in explaining the schedule, methods and costs of the total project. We welcomed your suggestions for the design and space; they were on mark and helped us make some good decisions.

Your personnel and subcontractors were always polite, cheerful and respectful of us and of our property; in my experience as an architect that is unusual for contractors.

We applaud you for your fairness, honesty, attention to detail and how you lived up to requirements of the contract and, in fact, completed the project under budget, even with an unexpected change order.

Thank you, David, for a great master bath. We recommend you, without reservation, to anyone considering contractors for a project.

Harold S.

I was introduced to David Thompson and Winds of Change by Pella Windows in the spring of 2012. Four of my windows had become stuck and needed to be removed and re-hung. David and his crew did an amazing job. They arrived on-time, finished on-time, were polite, and thoroughly cleaned up the job site before leaving.  I admit to being something of a perfectionist; Winds of Change did not disappoint. One cannot tell that the windows have ever been touched!

I have since hired Winds of Change to repair a large redwood and stucco deck that had settled, and, most recently, to finish building a large tree house for an upcoming visit by grandchildren. Although the tree house was clearly outside David’s wheelhouse, he happened to have a small break in his schedule and kindly offered to help me out.  Both jobs were completed quickly and to my complete satisfaction.

Finally, what I like most about David and WoC is their commitment to doing the job the way the customer wants it done. So many contractors I’ve dealt in the past seemed to prefer doing the job their way.  When there were two ways of doing something, or something did not look right to him, David always asked for my input before proceeding.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Winds of Change.

John and Margaret Fogarty

I am happy to write this letter of recommendation for Winds of Change Contractors. For our kitchen update/remodel, David gave us a detailed timeline, list of vendors, and proposed budget.

The timeline was met without incident from WOCC, the vendors and subcontractors were friendly and easy to work with, as well as professional while in the home, and the budget was realistic and met.

During the remodel, David’s crews cleaned up after themselves and made sure our home was in the best shape possible before they left. His crew of workers were personable yet professional.

Communication throughout the process was very important, and David quickly responded to any questions or concerns we had. He kept us up to date on anything concerning our project.

A remodel/update can be challenging to homeowners, but Winds of Change Contractors made the process as comfortable as possible for us.

Kim Lacy and David Pointer

In January of 2018 Winds of Change replaced two old decks on our house with two new Fortress decks. We were very impressed with David Thompson’s contract proposal which he presented on our second meeting.  It was organized, thorough and very professional. It included every detail of the demolishing of the old decks and construction of the new decks. We decided to have Winds of Change remodel our decks instead of other bids due to the superior professionalism of his contract.

His estimate of the start of construction date was right on.  The materials all arrived on time. His wonderful crew was always on time, always busy, always courteous and considerate, always cautious to avoid damaging our home, and always prepared to do what needed to be done.  Their skill in craftsmanship was excellent. Messes were cleaned up throughout and at the end of every day. David was wonderful about letting us know what would be done during each phase of the job and his time lines were always spot on.

As the job progressed we were more and more excited about our decks.  The final result is spectacular. All of our neighbors who were or are contractors were most impressed at the solid construction design. And the final look of both decks far exceeded our expectations.  It is clear that David’s and his crew’s expertise shaped the wonderful results.

We are very grateful that we hired Winds of Change.  When we are ready for our next remodeling project, we will hire Winds of Change.

Thank you, David for building these wonderful decks for us.

Rich and Gigi Boyle

It was our pleasure to work with Winds of Change Contracting and David Thompson on a bathroom remodel in the lowest level of our home. A few weeks after the start of the project we experienced a major waste water backup at that level having nothing to do with the remodel, but bringing the project to an immediate halt. David Thompson was at our home hours after the incident, aiding us in the start of mitigation efforts by others which proved to be substantial. He regularly checked on the progress of the work until he was able to return and finish the remodel. David is the consummate professional, making sure everything is done perfectly, recommending great vendors and completing his projects within budget. If you are planning a bathroom or kitchen remodel, you really do owe it to yourself to consult with him on the project. If you select him, you will be very pleased when it’s done.

Suzanne Graham

I met with, and obtained bids from several builders before deciding on using WOC, to replace two multi-level decks, the upper deck being partially covered by a tiled roof.  The bids were very close. WOC presented the most professional, highly detailed proposal. WOC initial presentation was a “Deck Inspection Report”, presented after two inspections of the decks, which included drilling holes in the support columns to insert a scope camera to inspect the interior frame condition.  The report gave detailed information of the scope of the decay, settling of the decks, and a recommendation to completely replace the existing decks while maintaining the roof above.

I appreciated all the details provided in the written “Scope Of Work”, wherein the specifics of installing a new redwood multi-level deck with Fortress fe26 rails and replacing stucco columns were enumerated and greatly detailed for each stage of the rebuilding – Deconstruction; Deck Frame; Decking/Rails; Redwood Deck Treated Frames; Stucco Repairs; Fireplace; Clean-up; and Warranty.   The warranty stated this scope of work is covered by a 5 year warranty against defects of craftsmanship and 20 years against structural failure. See “Exclusions”. At the end of one year an additional coat of sealer will be applied to the deck.

My confidence in the work was enhanced because the report included information such as “Decks will build per the plans approved by the Regional Building Department. The project will have the plans reviewed by a registered Colorado engineer. The existing roof will be supported by temporary posts down to concrete piers. New piers will be placed to support the roof per engineering as required. The support posts are planned as 8×8 Douglas fir full length or LVL with moisture/insect treatment at the bottom.” There were a few changes initial proposal due to the supporting the roof, otherwise scope of work was as stated.

David is a consummate professional. David managed all the details of this large scale project which required a lot of coordination between WOC, HOA, neighbors, vendors, subcontractors and inspectors.  David personally met with my neighbors; met all the HOA architectural and construction criteria; met with the numerous county inspectors throughout the project; and all were impressed by his quality work and professionalism. David was onsite most of the time, committed to providing superior workmanship and reliability to deliver a quality product. Communication about when work was going to take place, including subcontractors and inspections, was excellent.  

Sincere thanks to WOC and David for a job well done.

Suzanne Graham

Pine Terrace Townhomes

Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Colleen Bunkers

I would strongly recommend David Thompson for any remodeling project you are considering.  We were impressed from the very beginning with the professional proposal he presented. I selected from 3 contractors and David was the only one who asked to meet with us to review the proposal and provided a binder that was well thought out and all inclusive.  I had spent a short time with David when I showed him our master bathroom and bedroom remodel. He listened so well that his proposal included photos that were exactly what I had in mind and even the exact tile I was talking about! He had great ideas and drawings included.  He communicated in a way that he reflected back to me what he heard me say and I knew then that this was a contractor I would enjoy working with.

Due to my schedule demands I had a short time to make selections and David was happy to give me his opinion when I truly needed his help.   He understood my taste and was able to give me guidance.

David Thompson is the consummate professional.  He is patient with changes, a clear communicator, and always puts the client first.  In addition, his employees were a joy to have working in our home over a long project.  They were professional, flexible, talented and communicated well. The job was finished on time and within budget.  I would hire them again in an instant!

We are thrilled with the results and feel like we are living in a new home!  We would use David again in a heartbeat.


Colleen Bunkers

Barry Boulier

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend David Thompson of Winds of Change Contracting.

David had done some work at my house and I was very impressed with the quality of his workmanship.

On a recent non-profit office remodel David was engaged as our general contractor and again for myself and the Board of Directors we were extremely happy with the work performed, scheduling, management (including sub-contractors) and much more.

Winds of Change came in on schedule and within budget. We could not have made our tight deadline without the help, dedication and professionalism of David Thompson and Winds of Change Contracting.

We whole heartedly recommend David Thompson without reservation to your commercial or residential projects.”

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