Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Your Next Remodel can be a Daunting Experience

Choosing paint color from a palette is sometimes a task many homeowners struggle to solve.  

There are so many colors to choose from. When experimenting with multiple colors, pair the ones that share a connection to each other. Look for analogous colors that sit next to each other on a color fan, which are both complementary or have the same undertone. This will allow their natural base colors and hues to blend and create smooth transitions between spaces. Another easy way of creating a palette that flows throughout a home is by selecting various shades from the same color family. Lighter, darker, brighter or softer versions of the color can be layered in as accents for a more cohesive look.

If you want to use colors to make interior spaces feel bigger, then follow the light. Although color choice can be very subjective, lighter and cool colors tend to create a wider and softer dimensional effect, stretching the perception of proximity and expansion to the overall feel of a room.

Using neutral colors such as grays, whites, taupes and earth tones, can significantly expand the life of a wall color. These tones support a wide variety of styles and are easily updated by simply changing out accent colors.

To create a cohesive aesthetic, you need to select 4 colors. Four colors make a good group. You will need a main color, a trim color, an accent color and a complementary wall color if needed. These 4 colors will provide you with a beautiful combination and choices that will work for you.

Finally, selecting the right interior sheen or finish is largely dependent on the use and condition of the room. Matte sheens, such as Flat and Eggshell are great for use in low traffic areas, or when the walls have certain imperfections one would like to hide and are great for absorbing light. Higher sheens, such as Satin, Semi-glosses provide greater durability and are excellent sheens to use in high traffic areas and great for reflecting light.

Regardless make sure you purchase tester samples and paint a 2’x2′ area on 2 different walls to see how it will really look. Even though the pallet color and paint are an exact match, the pallet color never looks the same when applied to the wall.

Just make sure your remodeling professional can guide you towards the right selections, however in the end, it’s your home and your choice.

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