Designing a Bold and Beautiful Deck

When it comes to designing a deck it should come as no surprise that the single most important element in any design is YOU! What do you want? What do you want to use it for? Hot tub, barbecue, just relaxing, parties, surrounding a pool or all of the above and more. In addition, you should always take the time to consider when initially coming up with a concept design, how the deck will look from a perspective of geometry as it relates to the shape of your home, and the overall size compared to the footprint of your yard.

When it comes to geometry, before you hire a professional deck builder who will have an architect help you design your deck, be bold and look beyond a stale rectangular box with rails.

Consider designing your deck with unusual angles or even curves. It requires more labor, but it is worth it in the end, as it can turn a common deck design into a unique architectural feature for your home and your entire property.

Be sure to take into consideration things like access to exterior doors, walkways, trees and elevation. If you want a deck to be part of the yard, then consider a design that has elongated stairs that drop directly into the yard for a seamless transition. Want more room or a larger deck design? Consider using levels instead of just stairs. Don’t just build a bigger platform! Instead take the time to design two or three levels overlapping each other. They’ll allow party guests to congregate in small groups and provide cozier settings for relaxation around the new fire pit which is part of your new design.

If you do require railings or want them as part of your design, innovation is not lacking here as the industry has taken this element to new levels. With so many choices for railings such as glass panels, metal, vinyl, composites, and cabling, all integrated with LED lighting, can have a tremendous impact on the design of your deck. Pick up a few Home and Deck magazines and review what others might have designed or go get some pictures from the internet and show them to your professional deck builder, the different ideas and elements that you like.  

Finally, decide on how simple or complex you want your actual design of your surface decking to appear. Your design can place the deck boards on angles, frames, multi-angles as well as opposing angles, all will complement the level of elegance or sophistication you want in your new design.

I am sure after reading my previous articles you now know to hire only a licensed professional deck contractor who will help you design, and insure everything you select is built properly and is inspected to code. They will also provide you with choices of the latest decking materials, trends and ultimately a great experience. Good luck in designing your new deck as Spring is just a few months away and it takes that long to do the planning right.

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