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The Difference between Hiring a Professional Remodeling Company and a One-Man show

We have all hired that “One-man show”, the “Chuck in a Truck” or “Harry the Handyman” for a project with the hopes they would do a great job for a cheaper price, only to be disappointed in the end. There is a place for these one man shows and a full remodel for a kitchen, bath or deck is not one of those places. Allow me to explain. 

Remodeling as you know from my previous articles is unlike any other type of construction. It is highly complex, extremely precise, and time driven by the family schedule. Since you are asking your remodeler to completely re-build an entirely new kitchen or a bathroom and blend it into your existing home, at the end of the project it must be both functional and beautiful.

Professionalism and value are the two words that come to mind, when wanting to educate you on who to select for your next remodeling project. It takes a highly skilled trained team of seasoned experts to do it right the first time.

Professionalism in this industry is defined by their extraordinary skills in re-construction, design, framing, and craftsmanship to name just a few.  You want to insure their overall approach in business is about integrity and ethics. Do they have a well-defined process to build your project? Are they perceived by their own industry such as the HBA in Colorado Springs, as a leader? They should be known in your community as reputable, reliable and more so, absolute experts in their trade. Why would you want anything less for your home?

Value in this industry is defined as the true benefit or the added gain you derive from using a professional remodeling company as opposed to a one-man show. Value defines the dollars you invest in your project for the materials and the services you receive. Value can be considered subjective by many, but not in this industry. The old adage applies here in the fact you really do get what you pay for

So many simply want the low bid or the lowest price for their new deck or their new kitchen remodel which is fine, if that is your criteria for remodeling your biggest investment….your home.

In closing, when it comes to professionalism and value, I can put it this way. If you were selecting a surgeon for a family member, would you go with the one with the lowest price?

Once you find the perfect contractor and are ready to hire them, you need to understand that they are probably not able to start next week. The top remodelers are typically busy and booked out for a couple of months for a reason.

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