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Wood Replacement Windows are an Investment while Vinyl is a COST!

Wood Windows are still the “best” type of windows available, especially with virtually all the top tier companies offering some sort of higher end composite or aluminum-clad exterior. Wood windows are the most beautiful, durable, and energy efficient windows you can buy and I recommend using these for all replacements on any remodeling project. The wood interior dramatically improves the overall aesthetics and beauty of your home, and looks warm and inviting. It can be a main selling point to potential buyers.

Your top companies all have exclusive custom wood window product lines, such as the Architect Series by Pella, the E-Series by Andersen or Marvin’s Signature Series. They all have hundreds of color, style, grille, and hardware configurations to match the new remodeling of your home. In addition, they all use the highest level of insulation and UV protection.

Perhaps more importantly, most wood windows have a warranty of up to fifty years that is transferable from owner-to-owner. If you use wood windows, it will probably be the last time you even think about your windows.

The strength of the wood and the exterior cladding prevents weather damage, seals in the heat/cold, and contortion due to hot and cold temperatures. Do not even think of buying wood windows that are not cladded on the outside, as you would have to repaint the windows every few years.

Wood windows are even more energy efficient than vinyl, and now with Impervia or Fibrex, exteriors that are offered by the previous manufactures I mentioned, they are just as maintenance free as vinyl. Remember however all wood windows will be more of an investment than vinyl windows because sub-par performance in this area is a cost. Wood is more expensive to manufacture; however, they have more added benefits, performance, and overall beauty to enhance your entire home.

Keep in mind that not one window type or line fits all climate and weather situations. Make sure to ask your remodeling contractor for the best choice for your next project.

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