You Get What You Pay For!

When it comes to remodeling your home, nothing could be more true than the above statement. I have seen it all in 30 years of the remodeling business. We would all like to believe that most remodelers are professional businesses, and adhere to best practices—however hiring the “Chuck in the Truck” guy with his helper and dog, to get a better price, will more than likely ruin your day, if not your bank account.

Hiring a professional design-build type of remodeling contractor is essential for you to ensure that your new remodeling project fulfills your dreams and meets your expectations. Ever wonder why the best professional remodelers are more expensive? It is not profit driven; it is customer driven.

If I pull back the “curtain” it reveals that a higher price reflects more on what occurs behind the scenes to produce a higher quality project, than just the price itself.

A remodeling project has hundreds of intricate and interwoven complexities which take years of experience to know how to manage so the project runs smoothly and completes on time and on budget.

All of these intricate details are developed within a project management system which requires an enormous amount of time and work in preplanning, weeks and sometimes months in advance, which no one ever sees. This ensures you will have a beautiful project in the end.

Deconstruction alone is an art form to ensure in the end that every wall, floor, ceiling, window and door will blend in color and design with the rest of your home.

All the hidden infrastructure such as HVAC, electrical, plumbing and gas must be professionally retrofitted by only licensed and vetted tradesmen to work properly with your existing systems. Every one of these areas must be professionally managed.

Professionals who stand behind their work will offer you longer warranties.
Professional remodelers have a staff such as project managers, designers, drafters, and bookkeepers, all working on your behalf.

They are also leaders who have strong ties and invest in their community such as memberships with the Colorado Springs Housing & Building Association or the Remodeling Council at the HBA in addition to National organizations.

Remember, you will live with the results of your new remodeling project for the life of the home. In conclusion, the best professional remodelers are established businesses. They have talent and skills with their employees, and foremost they operate with honesty and integrity. You really do get what you pay for.

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