7 Tips that will De-Stress Your New Kitchen Remodel

If it’s been over 10-15 years and with the increase in Home prices in Colorado Springs rising at unprecedented rates, you have probably considered it is a great time to remodel your kitchen. It can be a great enjoyable experience or it can turn into a nightmare.

Throughout the years as an expert in remodeling, I have seen it all and I thought it would be helpful to give you some tips this month to help your kitchen remodel go as smooth as possible.

Here are my top 7 tips.

  1. Make a list of everything you would like to change in your current kitchen and ask yourself the hard questions what and why
  2. Have you and your spouse look at other kitchens online, interior design magazines and other sources and take the time to get in alignment with each other as to what you both would want to see in your new kitchen. This minimizes the “I thought you meant comments”   
  3. Be sure to get a remodeling plan design from an architect, interior designer or your contractor, to insure your new layout is what you really want. Envision your new space with dream boards as well and talk through how you see everything.
  4. Create a plan check list or have your contractor create one for you, but make sure everything you want to happen in your remodel is on that list. This list is so important to make sure you do not miss any of those fine details that sometimes be overlooked.
  5. Establish a budget as to what you are willing to spend. Be sure to add 10% to that budget as my experience tells me everyone adds something they did not think of up-front. If you are not sure, ask your contractor to help you walk through the numbers.
  6. Prepare another location in your home as a substitute kitchen so you can cook using either an Instant Pot and Microwave and be sure you have a list of great restaurants.
  7. Go to the movies, a spa, get a massage, take a trip, hike, go out to eat, visit relatives and unwind knowing your new kitchen will soon be centerpiece of your home.  

Be sure to hire an experienced and licensed contractor that you trust as a kitchen remodel is complex and seldom should be considered a DIY project. I wish you the best of success in your new kitchen.

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