Why Remodeling your Entire Home can be a Great Decision!

This is a great question: why would you want an entire home remodel versus just doing a major kitchen or a bath remodel?

More often than not, your lifestyle and family situation has changed so you might be looking at needing different designs, amenities and features to support the way you live today. In addition, your income probably has changed now that the kids have moved out as you get closer to retirement and can afford to have some of the more expensive and cool features you always wanted but gave up due to other obligations.

Also, if your home is over 20 years old, your heating, cooling, and maintenance costs are probably killing you, and costs are only going up. Newer efficient SMART heating/cooling systems, wood clad windows, and newer insulation can save hundreds of dollars per year. The real question is this: Do you really want to stay in the neighborhood—close to long term neighbors, friends, place of worship, and other compelling reasons?

Most 20-year-old homes are dated and are in need of serious upgrades and doing the entire home makes sense if real estate values continue to rise in Colorado, and you still want to live there. Do not remodel just to sell it. Remodel your home to really enjoy the new fresh feeling and enjoyment that comes from a full home remodel.

Creating beautiful new larger baths, a stunning new kitchen with the latest lighting, along with unique floor coverings will reflect new colors and materials throughout your entire home. It can provide an entirely new adventure in home living.

I do recommend that you use a full-service Design Build remodeling contractor for this type of project. This is a complex project and you need to ensure they have the experience and reputation to make this successful. A reputable company will guide you through an entire process from detailed budgeting, design, material selection, construction and so much more.

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