What Took You So Long?

Anticipating the remodeling of your kitchen or bathroom can be very exciting at first. You have already visualized what it is going to look like when the project is complete. You have prepared your family and are ready to get this started. Flash forward 3 months and your project is still not completed, yet you feel it is taking way too long. What happened? 

We all have preconceived ideas and expectations about how long a remodeling project should take. Planning and setting the proper expectations are the keys to your sanity and the success of your project.

Be sure to ask questions and listen to your contractor. A professional contractor who specializes in design build remodeling will be able to show you a project management schedule that lists all the details for how long your project will take.  

Remodeling is a very time consuming complex set of mini-projects inside a whole project. The amount of pre-planning seems endless; however, it is the key to success. In a Kitchen remodel for example you need to plan for 6-8 weeks for new cabinet delivery, 4 weeks for tile, and up to 6 weeks for special order items such as a custom sink or lighting. Deconstruction takes up to 1 week and unforeseen issues found behind the wall such as electrical, mold or rot could add 1-2 weeks of additional time and so on.  

Then, you have to account for the appropriate amount of time it will take to prepare for constructing and installing all of these items in the proper sequence. A good design build remodeler will have all of these activities, and subcontractor trades, already lined up and under contract per his project schedule. However, if any one of these items such as a late delivery on cabinets, tile or even a schedule change with a subcontractor, will impact the overall time it takes to completion. 

Knowing that life circumstances can impact your overall project, be sure to set your expectations properly and work with your contractor. They are on your side and they want to complete your project as fast as you do.       

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