Can Anyone Resist the Sensation of Walking Barefoot on a Heated Floor?

If you are embarking on a renovation and you are considering installing radiant heating, also known as underfloor heating, I have some experience that might help you make a great decision in keeping warm throughout the cold months. 

There are two types of underfloor heating systems – electric and water-based systems.

For a remodeling project, electric floor warming systems are far more efficient and cost effective than installing a water-based system. A water-based system, which uses piping under your floor material, is primarily designed for full home heating and is more readily used in new construction. 

Electric floor heating is ideal for a remodeling project and better suited for partial home heating, such as in bathrooms and kitchens. Electric floor heating systems are relatively cost efficient to install and can usually be wired seamlessly to an existing circuit. That makes including them in renovation projects a serious consideration. 

Additionally, they’re easy to repair because any shorts in the system can be located with a thermographic camera. This means you won’t have to remove the entire floor to locate and repair the issue. If you are using a top tier product line, a problem seldom occurs. 

Electric floor heating systems heat up quickly (usually within 30-60 minutes). By making sure your contractor includes a special thermostat or adding it to your Smart home App, you can have nice toasty floors when you get up in the morning. 

Underfloor electric heating works best with materials such as stone and ceramic tile, which conducts heat more effectively even though you can use other materials. Ask your contractor what works best for your situation. I’ve been installing Schluter systems for years and am always amazed at how well they perform and the advancements Schluter continues to make.

Schluter’s electric floor warming system includes a unique uncoupling technology in their DITRA-HEAT line, which keeps your tiled floors and grout from cracking. I may love installing these types of systems, but I don’t love having to redo my work, so I used DITRA-HEAT in 90% of all our jobs.

Keep in mind to make sure your remodeling specialist has experience with installation and ensure the entire system is designed within your project. Stay warm this winter and be sure to include a floor heating system on your next bath or kitchen remodel.

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