When Smart Tech Enters the Bathroom, the Towels Smile

I have been asked if Smart Tech really belongs in a new bathroom remodel and my answer is always: it depends upon what you want. Smart technology is transforming bathrooms everywhere and especially impacts the areas of comfort, convenience, health and efficiency. When you are considering remodeling your bathroom, that is the time to decide. What’s more, it is extremely easy to use and is especially designed to afford seniors, and all ages, a wealth of luxury with the simple touch of a finger.   

You don’t have to go to a spa for luxurious comfort. These products give you the ultimate in comfort right in your own home. Warming drawers heat up your towels and robes to the perfect temperature. Wrap yourself in a toasty warm towel or robe after every shower for a luxury spa experience at home.

Smart showers warm the water to your desired temperature before you even enter the bathroom. No more withstanding blasts of hot or cold as you struggle to get the temperature just right…they do it all with the convenience of a remote or your smart phone.

These engineers have even gone so far as to create cooled cabinetry to keep medications, refreshments, and organic facial remedies at your fingertips and at the right temperature. No more storing these necessities in the kitchen refrigerator, out of sight, out of mind, and next to your leftovers.

If you are a lover of more information, smart mirrors can provide the day’s weather forecast, news, and traffic updates for your commute or golf game.

Voice activated lighting lets you tell your mirror to switch to different kinds of lighting from fluorescent, daylight or even LEDs to see how you look. Or it can activate a series of soft blue lights hidden under the cabinet to avoid stubbing your toe in the dark.

Touchless toilets allow you to raise or lower the lid and flush with just a wave of your hand. These toilets are also self-cleaning, self-deodorizing, and can be equipped with antimicrobial warming seats. I am sure by now you can see the benefits of how smart technology can improve your next bathroom remodeling project. 

By installing digital faucets, you can turn water on and off when they sense hand motion.

Smart bathroom mats measure weight and body-mass index, provide health insights such as posture scores and suggest exercises. All notifications are sent to a companion mobile app rather than being displayed on the mat.

Soaking tubs have many health benefits including improved blood circulation, reduced arthritis pain, muscle pain relief, stress and anxiety reduction, and of course, a better mood. Kohler has come out with a line of smart, luxury soaking tubs that have a chamber for an Alexa-enabled essential oils diffuser along with voice activated sound. Keep your mental and physical health in shape by indulging in one of these luxury tubs.

The latest ventilation systems are auto activated to turn on or off depending on the humidity level so that your bathroom is always well ventilated, mold and mildew free.

As you can see, the latest tech trends are now more than functional than ever before – they are designed with your comfort and quality of life in mind. Think your bathroom could use a facelift for the upcoming year? If you are deciding on a new bath remodel and want to consider incorporating this level of technology, be sure to only hire a qualified design build remodeling specialist and start designing the futuristic bathroom of your dreams, today!

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