Light Up Your Life with these 3 Types of Lighting

Lighting can be one of the most exciting and enhancing areas of a kitchen or bath remodel.

When deciding to remodel there are three types of lighting to consider.

Ambient Lighting – Ambient lighting, or general lighting, is used for overall illumination of a space. Ambient lighting provides a comfortable level of brightness, and uses ceiling-mounted fixtures, recessed lighting, track lights, or LED under cabinet mounting.

Task Lighting – Task lighting provides a more focused beam of light in a concentrated area, making it ideal for working, cooking, and food prep. LED over-head stove lights, island area and over the sink are all considered great places to use a brighter focus of light.

Accent Lighting – Much like adding the perfect jewelry to an outfit, accent lighting provides a dramatic focal point in a kitchen or even a bathroom. Using accent fixtures should complement the ambient lighting around it.

When having your remodeling contractor create your lighting plan, consider selecting a chandelier type of fixture over your new kitchen island, or high-tech “Can” type recessed ceiling lights. You can consider even a wall-mounted fixture to provide a general source of light to build upon. Once you’ve chosen the main ambient fixture for the space, identify the task lighting needs of the room. This could be some track LED lighting fixtures above the kitchen sink, or highly focused fixture in your food prep area.

Finally, pick at least one accent fixture to complement the others such as an under cabinet, or “hidden” lights are ideal for illuminating cooking surfaces. Or, try placing them above built-in cabinets to add a soft, luminescent glow to the room!

Pick the Right Bulbs. Choosing a combination of incandescent and energy-efficient LED bulbs to suit your fixtures can add interest to a room while also supplying the necessary number of lumens. Consider incandescent bulbs for a warm ambient glow from chandeliers, flush mounts, and semi-flush mounts, and saving the cooler tone of LED bulbs for task lighting.

Colorado Springs Utilities have partnered with local retailers to bring you immediate discounts on ENERGY STAR certified LED light bulbs. Look for their logo in stores. ENERGY STAR LEDs use up to 90 percent less energy and last up to 25 times longer than an incandescent bulbs.

Make sure whenever you install electrical for your remodeling project, the building codes have recently changed so be sure to hire only a licensed professional. Have fun creating that perfect lighting plan!

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