Design Build Part IV – Deconstruction Phase

I started three months ago discussing the benefits of using the Design Build process for your next remodeling project. I want to continue to highlight the main features to show you the benefits of using Design Build over a traditional remodeling process.

The value of the Design Build process comes into play at this juncture, which is the Deconstruction Phase with big benefits to you, the homeowner.  The extensive deep dive we took exploring and defining every aspect of your project upfront in the Design Phase affords your remodeler the ability to completely understand the important elements that need to be addressed without any surprises.

Even though many traditional remodelers might have a nice 2-D plan, or even a 3-D visual, they will invariably start with the deconstruction phase and it is here where you will experience increased costs and time for the homeowner. They will not have accurate information or know the hidden elements that hide behind walls and the true costs in managing them. That is until they take out a wall or realize the electrical or plumbing has to be changed at a much more complex level than what they originally first thought.

What makes it worse is the enormous amount of additional time and money it takes to manage these huge problems. It is exhausting for you, the homeowner, and to your contractor. Trying to change the configuration of any structural components during deconstruction is expensive.

The Design Build process eliminates 95% of these problems. Here is a great example: Because your Design Build Remodeler took the time and mapped out all the details in your design phase alongside with their trade partners at their on-site visits, they will know exactly how many new electrical lines will be required to your main panel or where new gas lines are needed to be installed for the new gas stove on the new cooking island. This all happens prior to beginning any Deconstruction or Production.  

Another huge benefit: During the design phase, because you work together as a team, you will have already provided all of your ideas and the many features you want in your new kitchen, bath, or lower level. As a result: If your remodeler needs to take out a beam or add a new wall, everything such as HVAC, electrical, plumbing, gas etc. which are impacted by those choices, will have already been discussed, approved and placed in your project management schedule.  

The Design Build process affords a smooth deconstruction process to ensure everything the remodeler removes and alters during this phase will be prepared properly so when they start the production phase, it too will go smoothly.

The idea is to ensure your project is successful by taking the appropriate amount of time to create and review your entire project upfront to reap the rewards of Design Build over a traditional remodeling process. You have a lot of money tied up in your home. Invest wisely.

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