Design Build Pre-Build Phase

I started two months ago discussing the benefits of using the Design Build process for your next remodeling project. I wanted to highlight a couple of other features to show you the benefits of using Design Build over a traditional remodeling process.

Last month I discussed the true benefits in using Design Build by incorporating the 3-Dimensional drawings and CADD walk through so you are able to visually see your project prior to construction. This affords you the ability to make changes prior to any actual construction.

One aspect of Design Build, which is critical to the success of any remodeling project, is the pre-build phase. This pre-build phase is extremely important in Design Build as it includes final review of the design and a complete review of the overall project. This results in a comprehensive project management schedule for your entire project, ensuring all elements of the project are in place.

This project management schedule will list all the various items needed to complete your project and the time frame it will take to build out your project from start to finish. Every item needed to complete your project is listed in detail such as the deconstruction phase, engineering, material ordering and delivery, such as windows, doors, cabinets and other items. It includes all subcontractor trade services such as electrical and plumbing, building permits, and regional building inspections along with a multitude of specifics exclusive to your project. 

The idea is to ensure your project is successful by taking the appropriate amount of time to create and review your entire project from the onset and go through a professional process such as Design Build. You have a lot of money tied up in your home. Invest wisely.  

I always found the time element interesting. Why is it that contractors always have enough time to do so many things over from mistakes that could have been prevented? All they had to do was to provide the time, skill and expertise to do it right in the first place. Design Build eliminates these issues and ensures a smooth process all the way through your entire project.

As a result, Design Build affords your project to be completed on time and on budget. 

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