Your Remodeling Project Comes Alive in Full 3-D Living Color!

Last month I started to discuss the benefits of using the Design Build process for your next remodeling project. I want to highlight a couple of features to show you the differences over traditional remodeling.

One true benefit in using Design Build is in the production of a 3-Dimensional (3-D) modeling design you will receive for your project. It’s not hype either. True 3-D modeling allows you to view your entire remodeling project from all angles. It highlights all of your dimensions, colors, wall and cabinet placements as well as material selection. This level of design gives you the ability to virtually walk through your entire project prior to any of the project being built.

By being able to view your project in 3-D rather than just your standard blueprints, any possible changes you may want are easier to visualize and manage. A new kitchen or full home remodel is usually the type of project for which you would want this level of service, and in the end will save you time and money. Three-Dimensional modeling requires not only the software but also the expertise to create a successful final design.

Nowhere is it more evident the impact value of Design Build, than in your decision processes. By being able to build out a project management schedule based on a final design, you the homeowner have much more control and satisfaction throughout the entire remodeling process. It also affords your contractor the ability to pre-order those long lead items such as cabinets, custom tile, or special lighting, which saves time and inconvenience prior to the start of the deconstruction phase of the project.   

In the end your Design Build Remodeler will be able to fully provide you with a complete design phase, planning phase and construction phase in building your new remodeling project with absolute success.

Stay tuned for Part III…Benefits of Design Build for Project Management to save you time and money.

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