Transform Your Bathroom using High Tech

The hottest tech products like the Apple Watch, iPhone 6, or the Tesla S sports-car all have something in common: the latest in innovative tech and modern design. Remodeling your bathroom today can use the same technology and by combining tech with your own personal design, will give you that perfect blend of functionality and comfort.

According to Remodel Magazine’s 2018 annual report of cost versus value remodel projects, the bathroom is one of the top projects that brings a good return on your investment.

Imagine walking in the bathroom and the lights turn on without any cue on your part.

As you walk towards the toilet, the seat lifts automatically… washing your hands is easy with an automatic sensor as it turns on and turns off without you needing to touch anything.

Taking a bath can now be a wonderful relaxing journey… You decide what mood you want using Chroma-therapy LED lighting to enhance your surroundings and your well-being.  Soft relaxing music plays at the command of your voice and then add 20 minutes of a hydrotherapy massage to relax your muscles and mind from a challenging day at work. 

As you step out, the bath empties automatically, you grab a towel from the heated towel rack to keep you warm and cozy and the lights had turned on at just the right level for you in a backlit mirror with integrated lighting.

Integrated sinks can be now built in and are made of the same material as the bathroom counter. They create a minimalist and seamless look that’s low maintenance, since there’s no seams that dirt or water can get under.

Today’s high-tech bathtubs and showers can have a Chroma therapy function, which uses colored LED lights which are embedded in the tub or shower itself, and can be changed by voice commands, depending on the effect or mood you desire.

You can even adjust your lighting and turn on your shower from your bed with your Smart Phone App.  

With digital faucets that feature touchless technology and have timers will automatically shut water off when the faucets aren’t in use. 

However, in closing, the hottest bathroom remodeling idea right now, is having tubs next to large glass windows. Don’t worry about privacy as the latest bathroom tech includes electric privacy glass — glass that instantly switches from clear to frosted at a flick of a switch.

Regardless of how you want to remodel your new bathroom, be sure to use a vetted professional contractor to get that perfect Oasis you have always wanted.  

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