Design Trends for 2023 and Beyond…

I have been asked by many of our clients recently what the latest trend in home remodeling is and what my opinion is of their choices as to design and material selections. This is really a loaded question as design is subjective. My true opinion is the fact that regardless of the design trends, you really have to like what you selected for your home, because you are the one living there.

However, I would like to provide you what might be of some assistance to bring you up to speed as to what the market is doing when it comes to trends in remodeling.

Au Natural
I do not mean how you dress around your home. During the stresses of the past couple of years, the beauty of the outdoors has been a salvation of sorts — hiking, bicycling, swimming, and all manner of communing with nature has helped maintain health and wellness when the gym was closed and entertainment options were slim to none.

And now, those adventures into the outdoors have impacted the 2023 home trends and the most recent designs are replicating the very textures, colors, and even scents of the outdoors in indoor living spaces. Let’s break down a few ideas: 

Kitchen: The latest natural stones are all about green, the undisputed kitchen color hero for 2023.  There’s a definite trend towards more impactful surface choices and we’re seeing demand soar for nature-inspired shades. From Indian marbles to Brazilian granites and even onyx as well as different shades of marble, there’s a huge array of exotic green stones to be explored. The incredible bottle green, khaki and fresh lime tones are all the rage. These natural materials create warmth and a rich, earthy style which becomes the heart essence of the home.

Bath: For bathroom flooring trends, 2023 is all about marble and other organic materials. Combining plants and skylights to let the sun in with the rising popularity of smart toilets and touchless faucets, technology continues to be integrated into bathroom designs for more comfort and efficiency. Digital, wall-mounted interfaces, mobile apps, tech-savvy controls for showers, and heated flooring top National Kitchen & Bath Association’s 2023 bath technology trends.

Bedroom: This is where bringing the outdoors inside can obviously be the most relaxing and soothing — and easy to do. The trend is to use earth-tone paint colors accented with a bold wall, and materials that reflect linens and light textures. Replacing those windows with the Pella Reserve line which has a rainbow of beautiful colors, including custom tones, to accent other areas and will bring in more light to your room. Installing plant walls with automatic watering is another way to be on-trend and unique this year in your bedroom.

Modern Artisan

Modern artisan signature pieces is the true 2023 trend.  The problem with this trend, as I see it, is there are too many choices. Interior Designers are looking for individuality and one-of-a-kind pieces from old clocks, retro things from the 50’s, wall art from barnwood, or even an old steam engine with retro fitted parts that will accent a fireplace or a wall — and the list is as large as you can imagine.

When it comes to wanting to follow trends be sure to ask your Design Build Remodeler to show you a 3-Dimensional full color rendering of your new remodeling project, from six different angles, prior to starting your project. This way you can see everything on a computer screen and be able to add or take out various walls, appliance locations, colors, textures, floor and counter treatments without the high cost of changing a project as you go. Of course, you will have to pay for the design, but it is well worth the minor cost compared to the overall investment of a remodel. Imagine having everything already 100 percent prepared before you ever start so you can truly match what you dreamed to fulfill your expectations

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