How to Control Your Renovation Costs even as Prices Rise!

I have been asked by many in our industry and from our remodeling clients recently, how to control the rising costs of material, labor and manage delays caused from the disruption of the supply chain. These are all concerns that are affecting the overall increasing costs of remodeling so I wanted to provide you some tips that we use that could save you money. 

  • Choose a remodeler who is licensed and specializes in Design Build to get accurate and guaranteed price estimates during the design phase. A typical small general contractor does not possess the skills nor do they have the resources needed to provide a guaranteed price. 
  • Make all your decisions during the design phase and stick with them. Try to avoid change orders, which will add cost and increase delays. This enables you to also pre-order harder to find items and secure pricing on longer lead products. 
  • Choose a Design Build remodeler who can offer a fixed-price contract, so you aren’t surprised by a traditional general contractor increasing prices during the construction phase with change orders. 
  • Work with only an experienced Design Build remodeling company who can maximize the utility and aesthetics of finishes and features to give your project a high-end look with the judicious use of higher-end materials.
  • Combine your projects if possible. If you are remodeling your kitchen, try to also remodel the bathroom at the same time as there are cost savings in many areas. 
  • Be wary of low bids. A remodeler with no skin in the game may come to your house and give you a lowball estimate for the work, but you have no guarantee that it’s what you will end up paying when all the bills come in. I have seen many projects costing two or three times as much as the initial ballpark estimate. It’s very hard (and expensive) to switch contractors mid-project. 

In conclusion there is no way we can fix the supply chains or instantly decrease the price of materials. What you can do is try to be prudent in your approach to your project by working with a professional Design Build company for your next remodel. They can save you money in many areas but the most important part, they will build the dream project you always wanted.

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