Why Hire a Professional Remodeling Specialist over a Contractor or Builder for your new Kitchen or Bath?

Building a home is very different from the art of remodeling. Remodelers are specialists, armed with a set of exceptional skills and experience in managing the unique and extremely important elements found only in a remodeling project. 

Allow me to explain. A home builder or a contractor is skilled at building homes from the ground up and has more freedom, open space and access to all areas of the home, which is vitally important when successfully constructing a new luxury home. 

An elite professional remodeler has the same level of skill sets, but in different areas than the builder. A professional remodeler has a proven track record and knows exactly what is required to the unique process when remodeling a home, not ever found in building a new one.  

Deconstructing an area of your home in the kitchen, master suite or even a hall bath, requires the attention and skillset to literally surgically remove walls, hidden HVAC ducting, water pipes, and electrical components with the precision of a master craftsman, all within the confines of your home. 

Each and every one of these major elements must be professionally assessed and completed without disturbing any other part of the home, structural or otherwise. It is also imperative that no dust leaves the area being worked on and no damage of any kind will incur to the existing home.

Furthermore, when deconstruction is successfully completed, a professional remodeling specialist must be able to build your dream from your pre-approved designs, to insure that the completed project blends in with the rest of your home without ever seeing a single blemish at the conclusion of the job. 

Now that takes a specialist who is a master in the Art of Remodeling.

When you are looking for a remodeling specialist be sure they have a valid contractor’s license, have at least 10 years of experience with references and is fully insured to protect you and your home during the entire project. 



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