Hiring the right Remodeling Contractor should be Music to your Ears!

A renovation gone wrong will “hit all the wrong notes” and cost you thousands in additional
repairs, time delays and ongoing inconvenience where you’ll want to pull your hair out.
Hiring the “right” contractor is like watching a world class “Orchestra Conductor” at the
symphony. They know exactly when, where and which instruments will be playing the perfect
notes, the perfect sounds and only then… the music becomes unforgettable.

Signing with the right Contractor the first time around will prevent much of the stress and
concerns, ensuring that you receive extraordinary value and an exceptional standard of
workmanship. Understanding the importance of hiring a licensed, insured and reputable
remodeling contractor will help you make an informed decision for your investment…to make
sure you hit all the right “notes”.

Just as playing in the symphony, a home remodel is no small task and involves a lot of planning,
design, execution, manpower and the right material selection to make it all come together so it
sounds and looks perfect.

Once you have decided on a particular remodeling project, such as a kitchen or a bath,
quotations are received from selected contractors. Unfortunately, it is at this stage that many
homeowners decide to get one of those handyman, “Chuck in a Truck” type of guys, offering
the lowest bid in an attempt to save a few bucks, only to find out in the end proves detrimental
to the entire project. That would be like having one of the 2 nd or 3 rd chair musicians conduct the
entire orchestra.

Not making the right contractor decision can cost you double or even triple in additional
expenses, repairs and re-dos. Ever see a symphony “re-do” their music in the middle of a
performance? Jobs in all the areas of a professional remodel such as plumbing, cabinetry,
carpentry, electrical, tile, custom lighting, and such, should only be handled by an experienced
professional who knows exactly how to “conduct” all the trades at once, to bringing in that
perfect project with the perfect performance that will be music to your ears.

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