Is Your Family Ready for a Remodeling Project?

No one that I have met in my 20 plus years of remodeling is truly prepared for the many nuances and details that they will face in a remodeling project. There are a lot of decisions, details, sensitive timelines and family management involved when undertaking such a task.

I like to let my clients know upfront exactly what will be happening in great detail, as should any contractor and prepare you for the journey that lies ahead during a major remodeling project. You should feel excited about both the process and the outcome of your new kitchen, bath or deck.

Here are the steps you need to consider when preparing for a major kitchen renovation:

1. Be sure you hire the right contractor. Do they specialize in remodeling and design build projects? Ask for references, insurance, licenses and be sure to call on everything.
2. Insist your contractor provides you a comprehensive project management plan and a design for your project at the very beginning to insure you are all on the same page.
3. Be sure to include your family in your decisions.
4. Be sure you have proper communications set up with your contractor i.e, e-mail, text, voice and have facetime meetings every week.
5. Talk with your partner or spouse daily about the dream and the excitement of having a new kitchen. Also be sure to address any concerns when they come up and be sure to talk with your family about the progress.
6. It helps to have the design mounted on a wall somewhere so everyone can see it.
7. You will out of a kitchen up to 8 weeks, make arrangements for temporary set up.
8. Take a trip for a week and also be sure to go out to restaurants and enjoy yourselves.
9. Nearing completion set up a date to have a party in your new space and invite your friends over to share in your dream.

By properly preparing and including your family, your project will have more meaning in the end. Being engaged with your family during this entire process helps bring you closer and upon completion, the results will speak for themselves.

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